I’m based in Tasmania, but will willingly travel anywhere you want to be with you on your day. Check the "Do I Travel?" section further down the page for details.


Below you’ll find my regular coverage prices but if you need to ask me a question about sorting something else out, no probs, just ask and we can get talking. I also provide a couple of all costs inclusive interstate packages.

A 20% booking deposit, up front, secures your date.


— My attention, effort, and focus. I'll be there to capture every phase, moment, and fragment of time that I can.

— At least two pre-wedding consults, and as much email/ messenger/ text/ phone contact as you need.

— Your own private web gallery with integrated print store fulfilled by one of the country's most highly regarded print houses. Receive $150 of credit to get your print selection on paper.

— Your images will be doubly safe in a lifetime cloud archive. Give/post/print your pics wherever, to whoever (just not commercially). I only ask you don't alter them.

— Professional handling and post production of your image files.

— 4 to 7 week turnaround on your wedding images; but I'll get a small selection of preview pics to you in a few days.



— A simple 5 hours coverage and delivery of at least 500 images.
— Take away all the regulation inclusions.



— Up to 8 hours coverage and delivery of at least 800 images.
— Find the comfy zone with a 1.0 hour candid couples shoot.
— All the regular goodies.



— All day (that’s right, ALL day) coverage and delivery of at least 1,200 images.
— Get in the groove with a 1.0 hour candid couples shoot.
— Regular goodies as standard.



I'm not going to rock up at your wedding unprepared. If you're local, I'm going to get to your venue/s way ahead of time to check everything out and prep for the big day. If you're not down here in Hobart, I'm going to get to your venue/s the day before and properly scope out everything I can, for the next day.

After your wedding, I'll sit down with all your pics, fine tune and grade them all: I take great care digitally developing your photos to yield the highest quality images I can.


Round Tasmania I'll travel for free. Accommodation-wise, If you want to put me up somewhere with friends, with family, with you, that's fine by me. Otherwise I'll charge $175/night to feed and shelter me somewhere I find. Simple.

And anywhere else? Of course! I'll travel anywhere you want. If you want me to be with you on your day, I want to be there.


Live interstate? I’ve two options for you, folks!

  1. ALL DAY photographic coverage and delivery of at least 1,400 images.

— All travel and accommodation expenses included.

— All the regular goodies are yours too.


2. As above but with 8 hours of photographic coverage and delivery of at least 1,000 images.