How do you approach couples photos?

On your wedding day, I'm keen to get you back to your celebrations, and back to your people and on with the party, as soon as we can. I'm not interested in taking hours visiting multiple locations, tricking up some super fancy poses or lighting set ups. So. . . I keep things simple and focus on capturing the two of you together as honestly, beautifully, and in as connected and “true to you” a way as possible.

We'll take advantage of whatever gorgeous scenes we can find at your venue, and we'll make some images of you that reveal the closeness and emotion you share. Always keeping things easy, simple, and with no pressure to perform. Absolutely not. Typically forty minutes, an hour at the outside, should do it.


You know the typical “engagement” shoot? Head somewhere super sweet to look at but which doesn’t have any real connection to you? Yes? Well. . . we can do that too. Beautiful spot, dial up the romance. But. . . what if we kept things a bit lower key? We start somewhere you’re really comfortable, somewhere you two go all the time, somewhere familiar and safe? We take a walk, grab some snaps, pause here and there for a little coziness. Could be walking the dog, even just at home, out in the garden, at the gym, in the beer garden at your local, wherever. You choose. And. . . then we head to the super beaut spot, dial up the romance.

But let’s keep the pressure to perform off, let it be easy, and keep it true to you.

Do you produce albums?

For sure. This is a sample right here. Albums start at $700.

Do you take family portraits/bridal party etc.?

Absolutely. Family and bridal party pics are a standard part of most wedding days. Generally this happens after the ceremony, and I make it as simple and fuss free as I can.

So you're pretty keen on black and white photos?

I am! But that doesn't mean you have to be :D I'm more than happy to ease up on the number of b&w images I hand over to you. My usual ratio is something like 1/3 monochrome to 2/3 colour. I'm not precious about this. So if you want less (a little or a lot) or even more, just let me know. Easy.

Do you work with a 2nd photographer?

Simple answer: no. Why? Well. . . my way is to let your day be its own thing. I want you to have as much room to experience your day as you can. I want you to feel my presence as lightly as is doable. The more lightly I tread, the more real and true are your pictures. Throwing in a second photographer doesn’t really work with that. And, I take a lot of photos and deliver a lot of photos: you’re not going to miss out.

How do you go with videographers?

If you're booking a videographer who rocks a similar style to mine (documentary/natural/un-staged) that's great. We'll just work. And even if you're hiring someone whose gig is styling every moment, no probs, I'll just cruise my way around. Easy.