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Hey folks! Thanks for stopping by.

Seeing as how you've dropped in here, I reckon you'll want to know what this Tasmanian (and anywhere else) wedding photographer’s about. So let's not waste time.

wedding photographer tasmania

For me it's simple. It's about a way of seeing and the constant pursuit of the moment. And it's about you: your truth, your story, your day. And, three things I'm looking for my photography to be:




hobart wedding photography

Human: it's people that matter. You and yours, the closest ones, those you want there with you. Sharing your day. Bringing lives together. Giving the present moment the fullness it can only have when shared. Your people.

hobart wedding photography

Beautiful: almost every moment has it. Just look for it. That's my quest: seeking the sweet stuff, the good stuff, the rich, quiet, quick, brilliant, soft, wild, REAL stuff. Hiding in plain sight, wanting me to snap it up and keep it alive in my pics, for later. I'm not resting till I've caught the prize, and there is no rest, 'cause there's so much beauty in everything.

wedding photographer tasmania

Honest: that's YOUR day. Whatever way it is. However it unfolds. Wherever it happens. Whoever's there. It don't matter, 'cause you'll be there, staying true, being real, following your own lead, living out your day. And there'll be me, chasing, finding, catching the moments. My mission is your day. As it reveals itself. As it shows it's truth.

And. . . if you want to just jump on in and get a feel for my work, take a peak at some of my latest:


Image making.


Image making

I'm going let you be. With me you're free. You don't need to be anything for me. Live your day; I won't direct, interfere, point you here/point you there, pose you, and so on; the day should be yours, not mine. ‘Cause I’m not big on making a fantasy out of something real and intimate and emotional. I want what you see inside the frames I capture to let you experience that moment again, like a witness after the fact.

I’ll not just document, though. I’m going to shape every instant through my point-of-view. I want each image to say it’s story with a STRONG vision; not half-baked, not pale and washed out, but bold and VIVID and real and AUTHENTIC.

To me, what makes a photographer is their way of seeing. A photographer's style or quality should enhance the real thing being captured.



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Memory's a funny thing. It's SLIPPERY. That's why we love looking at old photos and videos; they're PROOF of what happened in our lives. And more, they let us live some of that time/moment again. That photo of you, or someone you love, or hated, or anything, dragged out of a box, a cupboard, a hard drive, the cloud, recolours and revives the past.

Memory triggers. . . . . that's what I want my pics to be for you. An opening to memory across the years. To let you laugh and cry and feel it all again.


what I stand for

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what i stand for

IT’S SIMPLE:    I'm for the union of you two human beings who love each other and want to make that love a lifelong commitment. And along with that, I'm for the bringing together of family and friends; estranged relatives and your best mate you haven't seen in forever; loved ones and enemies; the (not always) near and (always) dear, who come to witness that union and celebrate it and live it with you.

I'm for those things. For your humanity. Anything else isn't my concern. Just you as people.


. . . . . . .what else?

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Maybe, just maybe, you found your way here and you want something else out of a photographer, but you like the way I see things and want to know if I can do anything else.

I can.

Photography is about seeing reality and making a choice on how to shape its image. Of course, technically, there's a bit more to it than that, but not so much as can't be thought out or problem solved. Everything I do I give my utmost care to. I find it hard to do it any other way.

If you think you might like me to do something else for you, take a look at THIS selection of some of my other images.