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I'm all about real: your life, your moments, as they happen—the true things. For me, the best wedding pictures aren't so much "wedding pictures" as they are damn expressive and beautiful images taken from the moments that will make up your wedding day.

You'll have heard the terms "natural" and "in the moment" thrown about, and even though it's been said before, that's exactly it. I'm not going to cookie cutter your day: your wedding is going to be all yours.


I'm going to take you at face value. The only thing I'll ever ask of you is for you to simply be yourself. That's it.

Wherever you're from. However you make this thing work for you. Whoever's there with you. Whether the one you get hitched to is of the same sex or the other or neither. You'll have my care every step of the way.

When I work with you, you'll have my absolute respect. You as you are.


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Alysha + Ashby

These are absolutely amazing, thank you so much!!

When we saw your email come through we decided it was getting a bit late to look through them, so we'd make an evening of it and do it properly. Then decided to look at just one or two. Maybe a quick flick through. Suddenly we were eagerly looking through every single photo and it was midnight before we knew it! 

When you break it down, wedding photography is pretty much about one thing: people. I'll bust a gut looking for every possible creative/expressive way to frame my images but, in the end, my pics are always going to have something human going on in them. That's why I take pictures. Nothing else shares their lives, celebrates, expresses emotion, loves, the way we do; nothing else can make memories like we can. That's hard to beat for making brilliant pictures.

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Hi! The name's Moss—yes, yep it really is—and this mugshot right here belongs to me . . . .

I make my life with my little family down here in Hobart, Tas. That's the biggest thing that makes me what I am, as a man and a photographer: being a father. It's humbling and awesome and it throws a whole new perspective at you. The responsibility of nurturing little humans is immense and full on, but so beautiful and a giant privilege. It's the power of being in life for my girls.

It’s that spirit I bring to my photography: it’s not about me. It’s not about making my mark. It’s about using my vision to mark the present moment so it can live again, for you.

You know, I like to think, to understand things, to find different ways of seeing. That's what draws me to photography. Exploring point-of-view, perspective, angle, interpreting the things I see inside the frame. That's me.

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Image: Lisa Kuilenberg

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Live Your Day

It’s your day. Just stay true, be real, follow your own lead. Whether you're going all out on a wedding extravaganza, escaping the craziness and eloping, or celebrating with only your closest people with a micro wedding, I want you to own your day. I want you to be able to live it without thinking about anything else.

'Cause, in the end, it's only going to be the people that matter. And how you spend this time with them. Just you and your love. Just you and your people.

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