What else have I got. . .

So. . . . maybe you're not looking for a wedding photographer. No probs. I can do plenty else. Have a look at what I've got here; might find what you're looking for.

A note: except for the food on the plates, I styled all the elements in these images.

A further note: if you're interested in me doing something for you other than wedding work, and you're curious about the cost, hit the "GET IN TOUCH" button and ask me for a quote. I can tell you I won't charge by the hour. It'll be a fixed cost for the job. Why? 'Cause some things take longer or are more complicated than anticipated and I'll not shortchange, on effort, those projects. I want to produce my best each and every time I do a job.




"GlittEr & glASs"

"sEt sHots"