Ceremonies & Celebrations

Hey, hey! You made it here. That's great! You've hit my weddings page: take a look at what I do. 

And what I do, my work, has huge meaning to me. I care for every image that I deliver. My pics will hold your story but they're also a record of my life too. My work. And I CARE about that. Working with me means I'm going to offer that care to you: to find the moments and keep them precious in image, to give this time of your life the respect it deserves, to follow your story, and to always give a stuff about what the real purpose of your day is.


omnipod + willie smith's, Tas

barilla bay, cambridge, tas

the music bar, hobart, tas

tunnack + bar wa izakaya, tas


A sidenote:

You'll probably notice something about my work: there ain't much in the way of formal portraits going on. Some of that simply comes down to the couples I've photographed so far: none of them were heavily interested in putting aside the time for an extended portrait session. Simple. But too, when you look at my pics, I want them to take you to THAT moment, the feeling of THAT instant, not to some scene where I was telling you everything you should be doing with yourselves. NUP.

That’s not to say I’m opposed to ALL portraits. We definitely can do them. I just think, in the end, you'll be happier if you give more time to your people, to your day.

If you want to capture some moments of just the two of you, we can do that. We'll just make it easy and free and relaxed and focused on a simple sharing of what you feel together. Easy.


launceston, tas

mona, berriedale, tas

sandridge estate, boat harbour, tas

pooley wines, richmond, tas


hyde park barracks, sydney, nsw