This Is Me



I reckon you'll have accumulated a reasonable impression of me already, just through what I've expressed elsewhere on this site. But, I'll let you in on a little more about me anyways.

If you were to look for me you'd find me down in Hobart, Tasmania. Until a few years ago, I was a New South Wales "mainlander" but now live on this beautiful island, where the quality of life is absurdly wonderful, with my two gals (that's them in the picture). If you've never been down this way, you're missing out. If you're wondering, living in Tassie doesn't mean you can't have me shoot your wedding if you're not down here yourselves. We'll sort out a suitable way to get me across the Bass Strait and to you. No worries.

My family is my life. My lady, and my (now) two little girls: that picture up there is going to get an update at some point :) I'm pretty simple in terms of what motivates me. Becoming a parent has humbled me, and revealed a joy that comes from being part of the nurturing of these young lives. Being a father has somehow superseded much of the self-driven needs I used to have. I’m in life for my girls.

It’s that spirit I try to bring to my photography: pursuing every moment for YOU guys. It’s not about me. Yeah, my vision is going to shape the way those moments are captured, but I’m in it to give you something for the future. It’s not about making MY mark, it’s about marking the present so it can live again each time YOU take a look at your pics.

And I like to think, to find different ways of seeing things. That's what draws me to photography. Exploring point-of-view, perspective, angle, interpreting the things I see inside a frame.

If you want to take me on, I'd like to get to know you. I want to know the people whose lives I'm a part of, even if it is only for this brief time, and this one amazing day. And, you'll get to know me better.

This is me.