Howdy and welcome!

Well. . . .thanks for dropping in. Nice! And hey, feel free to stay a while and get a feel for what I'm about. Cheers.

The first thing I’d say about my photography is that I shoot weddings the way I would want my own captured: right there as it happens, in the moment, full of life, colour and contrast. Real. I’ll put it another way: I reckon I’m for folk who don’t need to prove anything. For folk who want to spend each moment of their wedding day just living it, celebrating it, bringing the people they love along for the best party ever. For real people.

You see, I’m for getting straight to the heart of things: a wedding crams so much emotion and action into one day it’s something like life intensified. For me, how I work, the beauty, the good stuff, is in each of those honest moments that a wedding brings out. No special effects needed.


This is how I take you. At face value.

I don't want anything from you except yourself. It's the genuine you I want to capture. And whoever is there with you. Wherever you're from. However you make this thing work for you. Whether the one you marry is of the same sex or the other or neither. Whether your generation is a letter of the alphabet or you’re a Boomer. I only care about the simple human you.

I'm going to give my respect to you, and bypass any bullshit. You. As you are. Me. As I am.


It's people that matter. You and yours, the closest ones, those you want there with you. Sharing your day. Bringing lives together. Your people.

And. . . I’m a people first wedding photographer. More than 95% of my pics are going to be of people. That’s the big focus for me: catching the moments where you and your people are sharing something real and felt and experienced. Every wedding is its own thing, but it’s the people in it who make it.

You. And yours.

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A Gallery or Few


Hello! The name's Moss—yes, yep it really is—and this mugshot right here belongs to me. . . .I reckon I'm trying to look half intelligent but not too intense and a little creative, 'cause that's exactly the kind of photography I love—beautifully crafted but relaxed capture of real moments. I really want to believe what I see in pictures. If it looks the goods but I don't believe it, it's not for me. I'm for straight up documentary that's damn expressive and really bloody honest in its beauty.

There are a couple of things that drive me, that shape me and my way of seeing. They hang together well. It's like this. . .

A fella (me) becomes a father—and it's nothing if not humbling and awesome and it throws a whole new perspective at you. The joy that comes with being part of the nurturing of young lives is immense. Living with the purpose of guarding and guiding another human being's growth is full on; but beautiful and such a privilege. It's the power in being in life for my girls.

And it’s that spirit I try to bring to my photography: pursuing every moment for you. It’s not about me. Sure, my vision is going to shape the way those moments are captured, but I’m in it to give you something for the future. It’s not about making my mark, it’s about marking the present so it can live again each time you take a look at your pics.

And the other thing. . . well, I like to think, to find different ways of seeing things. That's what draws me to photography. Exploring point-of-view, perspective, angle, interpreting the things I see inside a frame.

That's me.

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It’s YOUR day. Whatever way it is. Wherever it happens. Whoever's there. Just stay true, be real, follow your own lead, live your day. I’ll be chasing, finding, catching the moments.

I’m going to capture your day for what it is. You for who you are. Because that’s what makes me want to take photographs. And . . . I want you to actually experience your day, your moment, without interference, without interruption, as it should be, as your own. That’s the word. I want you to OWN your day. I want you to be able to live it without thinking about anything else.

MY mission is YOUR day.

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